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A few weeks ago I ordered a generic Android pad from an online storefront to a Hong Kong manufacturer. A few minutes after opening the package it was clear this was no ‘iPad killer’, but for the price ( less than $80) I did not expect it to be. What I do expect is that it will perform as an ‘adequate’ pad computer, able to perform simple tasks such as displaying videos streamed from my server, open PDF books and articles, display recipes while I’m in the kitchen, and allow me to manage things like shopping and to-do lists. And being so much cheaper than an iPad, I can actually hand the thing to my 9yr old son for doing flashcards or other simple online games without panicking if he drops it. To me this device represents that ‘good enough’ is about to arrive in the classroom en masse; and that the adoption of inexpensive pad computers is going to push out traditional text books and laptop from students’ desks. For schools to get the most ed-tech ‘bang’ for their bucks will require apps that go beyond what a regular textbook or laptop can offer; and I’m convinced that while the ‘big fish’ in the ed-tech industry have meeting after meeting to decide how to cram their existing ‘wine’ into these new bottles, some nimble startup is going to move fast and win big in the contest to grab the most share in the $2.5 billion ed-tech pie. The question is, will that nimble startup be you and the team you create at SW:ED 2011? Register now and find out next month.